If I decide to breastfeed, is there a right way to do so?

There are several tips for making breastfeeding a good experience for both you and your baby. However, you can prevent the most common challenges or problems by following
the three most important tips about breastfeeding:

  1. Nurse early and often. Try to breastfeed your baby within the first hour after birth. Newborns need to nurse frequently, at least every two hours, and not on a strict schedule. This stimulates your breasts to produce plenty of milk.

  2. Breastfeed on demand. Since breast milk is more easily digested than formula, breastfed babies eat more often than bottle-fed babies. Babies nurse less often as they get older and start solid foods. Watch your baby, not the clock, for signs of hunger, such as being more alert or active, mouthing (putting hands or fists to mouth and making sucking motion with mouth), or rooting (turning head in search of nipple). Crying is a late sign of hunger.

  3. Nurse with the nipple and the areola (brown area surrounding the nipple) in the baby’s mouth, not just the nipple.