A Unique Option for Your Birth Experience

Laboring in the water can relieve much of the pain of labor, helping the woman cope with her labor and birth with less or no medication. Even if a woman eventually chooses to utilize pain medication, using the tub prior to that time can help with pain management and labor progress. Women may choose to labor and birth in the tub, or can use the tub only for the labor process. If birth occurs in the tub, the baby is brought immediately to the mom’s chest, with the head out of the water–maintaining the warmth of the water around the baby’s body and safely positioning the baby for those first important breaths.

The CNMs at CCOB are committed to helping women achieve a safe, satisfying birth experience. The Women’s Hospital is also supportive of this option–the current physical layout of the hospital does not include birth tubs, so women choosing the waterbirth option will need to bring a portable, waterbirth-certified tub for their labor and birth experience.